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Johanna Andersson, born 1979, has a background as a graphic designer. She worked at a record company, Burning Heart Records. After doing record covers for three years, she decided it was time to try something different, and she applied to Forsbergs School of Graphic Design. At school she made her first motion graphics and an interest was born. After a couple of freelance assignments, and a position as design assistant at Pop Magazine in London, she made her first music promo; Cdoass “Speak to me”. Johanna directed and produced all the animation in both videos herself.

Later FilmTecknarna approached Johanna and they represented her for music promos and commercials until 2011. She’s currently looking for new representation.

Nexus Productions represents her in the UK.

Recently Johanna has broadened her range of work and is now available for set- and prop design assignments.

Johanna’s strength is coming up with conceptual ideas and applying them to different medias.

Johanna is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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